What does your mommy bag look like? I think we are in the age of having a fashion forward mommy bag… thank God big bags are the IN thing. Get a nice big bag… throw some diapers, wipes, burp cloth, makeup case, wallet; throw it over your stroller handle and BAM! you are IN the IN crowd. Beautiful big bags are THE THING; serves a dual purpose (used to carry your personables and babies necessities) A big, nice, perfect leather bag IS TO DIE FOR! This can be a great push gift ladies. Tell that special person in your life… you DESERVE a nice bag as a present for this gift you are giving. Here are some great fashionable mommy bags. You have the flashy bags or you can be a bit more low key with a cute simple leather bag. Book Bags are super cute right now for a grab and go; they go well with sweats and jeans and they dress up a dress down look. Also, mens bags are the perfect diaper bags as well! I’ve seen some great big bags marketed in the mens department that are perfect buys for mommy’s. The age of the shiny nylon, wipe able, animal print bags are SO OVER. Please dont get caught slipping with the wrong kind of mommy bag.

gucci-fango-soho-fango-color-leather-shoulder-bag-product-1-3608189-595862287MCM Back Legen Backpack Red

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