Having a second child, especially close in age comes with its own array of questions and concerns. One of which is whether or not to have another baby shower. You want to be able to share this joyous moment with friends and family but you also don’t want to run the risk factor of being looked at as greedy or you genuinely don’t need as much as you did the first time around. Baby “sprinkles” have become a great way of welcoming a new addition to the family without being over the top. Instead of the mother being “showered” with gifts she’s “sprinkled” with usually the necessities for the new baby.

I struggled with this one personally because to most people I was “just pregnant a second ago.” I really didn’t want to seem like I was just out for gifts. After much debate (with myself) I decided to go for it. I had a boy and was having a girl, I didn’t want her to feel left out when she was old enough to look back at pictures and listen to stories about when she was a baby, I really just wanted to celebrate her and make memories that were unique to this pregnancy. Also even though I was definitely not just out for gifts, I genuinely could use some stuff! I convinced myself after my son I wasn’t having any more children and donated and/or sold most of his infant items. So I decided I really wanted to go forward with the “Sprinkle.”

Once you decide if a Baby Sprinkle is for you the planning is pretty similar to that of your shower, but you just have to remember it’s on a MUCH smaller scale.


Create a Budget

This is super important and the first thing you should do. Setting a reasonable budget and sticking to it is the only way you can make sure your Sprinkle doesn’t get out of hand. You’re not going to have as many guests attend as your did with your first child, so you don’t want to end up spending a ridiculous amount of money for imaginary guests. I set a budget of  1/3 of my initial shower.

Make a Guest List

In order to stick to budget and to know how much of everything to get you need a guest list. Again this is a Sprinkle so you may not want to invite your third aunt twice removed by marriage this time around.  Of course you don’t want anyone to feel offended or left out, but stress that it’s an intimate event just meant to show love for your new bundle. Most won’t care and a ton that claim they do will be invited and not show up anyway. For the amount that you invite make sure you take into consideration how many people will end up no shows but still plan for just slightly over your RSVP’s just in case. Invite people who you will truly enjoy spending time with.

Picking a Theme

Choosing a theme will allow you to get your invites and decor items in order and will make it easy and fun. I chose a Dollhouse theme. I had a blast with the decor as we held the event at my house utilizing my basement and backyard space.

While I am not a super girly girl I definitely wanted to use traditional pink. I did a color scheme of pink, black and white to add a modern flair and jazz things up a bit.


I  customized a lot of the decor like these wooden letters to save cost and stay on budget. Nothing like paint and hot glue! 



I made the backdrop and kept the dessert table small, simple and in theme.


This was a cute photo-op area I set up, perfect for the dollhouse theme. As an added bonus I learned to make a tutu out of tulle. That should come in handy later right? 


My crazy moment was this black and white wall. It’s actual paint and I saved by calling in a favor from my favorite Uncle. Lol! The end result was just beautiful! I painted the frames, and the cardboard chandeliers added a nice touch. The pomanders though they look real is another one of my save money DIY crafts – silk flowers and foam balls!


Pick a Low Key Menu

For a Sprinkle, you may not want to roll out the roasted duck. Keep it simple and light. I decided on a brunch style menu. It’s cost effective and cute! I had mini breakfasty items to go along with the theme and brunch styled drinks like Mimosa’s and Sangria!

Catered from a local vendor @cupitup on Instagram, these sweet and savory cups were the perfect compliment to the other breakfast menu items. The cups featured frittatas, cinnamon rolls, pancake and chicken and waffles to name a few.



Have Fun!

Chances are your first shower was filled with meet and greet of a ton of people. You were probably bouncing from table to table and being the cohost without trying. This time, take  advantage of the fact that you have less guests and headaches to worry about. Keep games interactive and fun. I did unusual games like “Are you Pregnant” and something very similar to hot potato with a dirty diaper!  Whatever games you choose make sure it doesn’t interfere with the laid back atmosphere. Have prizes ready and keep those simple and fun as well. Maybe picture frames or quirky items from your neighborhood craft store.

I found this game online and it was a hit! You use tongue depressors as “pregnancy tests” and mark one as a “positive” test. You hide all of the test in balloons. The balloons can be scattered around the party or you can throw them in a pile when it’s time for the game. The balloons are popped and the person that discovers the positive test wins.



My baby sprinkle turned out exactly as I’d hoped. I was able to stick to my budget and still create a beautiful and fun event along with lasting memories completely unique to my baby girl.

Hopefully this post can help you understand and inspire some ideas for your own Sprinkle!



Have you thrown or attended a baby sprinkle? Tell us about it!

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