The days of pushing your mommy stroller in heels and carrying your baby in pumps are so over (Unless your Kim K and I think she admitted that she had to get some cute flats recently). These days with my active 2 year old… I’m all for comfort. This comfort wear has transitioned into my work life and my social life as well. I can’t tell the last time I wore a good high heel… well that wedding I went to recently called for it. But all in all, I’m over the uncomfortable shoe. I’ll opt for my Under Amrour sneaks any day or a good fashion forward flat. Also tasteful tights are in, with a good cover up… or a long shirt works great. Check out how I paired up this comfy mommy look with shiny tights, under armour sneakers, a tribal sheer cover up and a biggie t-shirt. I’m always putting on for my city when I can!


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