It’s always such a struggle to find the time to work out. Its so freaking annoying. After losing 65lbs post baby… I feel like its even harder now to find the time to actually DO IT. I have a million and one things going on and it just seems like there is just NO TIME. I use to run in the mornings… but I don’t have the availability and I hate trying to wake my son up to face the morning cold with me at 5am… I feel like this is some sort of abuse lol. Then lunch time has become null and void since they are actually forcing me to work at work… so yea…. and evenings are just a NO. I get home and either I’m exhausted… or the baby does a little something and then I’m exhausted. Feels like a lose lose. I’ve been trying to keep my diet well… minus the smoked honey bbq chips I’m snacking on as I type… so thankfully I haven’t been gaining any weight… but I’ve been staying the same and not losing anything. I have no idea how I will get to my -10lb weight loss. I am struggling so hard to NOT get back in the 180s… im close to that line though. I am hoping with the new week I can motivate myself to at least work out a couple days a week (hopefully 2 – 3)… eat right and see some good results. How do you conquer the busy life of being a mom?

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