Mommy Must HavesIn my opinion one of the most essential items to have for a new baby is a bouncer and/or a swing. When I purchased my Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer, I wanted to give my daughter some sort of stimulating toy bar so that I could attach it to the bouncer. The Baby Bjorn had a really nice wooden toy bar but at about $50 I just thought it was silly to purchase such an expensive add on.

After some research (googling) I came across the Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll.

What It Is: 

tiny love

According to the manufacturer, The sunny stroll arch is a developmental fun for baby on the stroll. It easily attaches to strollers and baby carriers. This has two stage developments. It has a transparent sun prism and flexible arch with angle adjustment. This has a rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture.”


What You’ll Love: It’s made of a sturdy plastic (BPA free) and works on everything from the bouncer to the carseat to the basinet. It has multiple joints that allow you to switch the placement of the toy to one best suited for your little one. 

I absolutely love this toy! Here are some examples of the Tiny Love Arch attached to the carseat, basinet, and the bouncer.


What You May Not Be Crazy About: I haven’t found anything! I love everything about the arch. Based on a few Amazon reviews though, some parents complain that the string on the fan has gotten wrapped around their little ones finger. This has not been my experience.

What Your Wallet Says: At $24.99 on Amazon this toy bar comes in at half the cost of the Baby Bjorn model and is well worth every penny.


The Tiny Love Take Along Arch, Sunny Stroll is a well priced multi use fun developmental toy for your little one that you’ll both love. A definite mommy must have.

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