Figured we would be something simple this year. Last year I was a witch and that was a lot of fun and my face painting came out really cute. This year I decided to be a super mom. I made a custom sweater that said “Super mom to the rescue” and I made us matching capes. I made this for my mommy bestie and I to wear trick or treating. We are the epitome of super moms. The costumes were fitting and I have the resources to make in house custom sweaters. So i whipped up those bad boys in a second and had them ready to go with the boys twix costume. the capes were super easy to make and didnt require any sewing. I used the left over felt I had from the twix costume. I put a layer of blue felt and then a layer of red felt over it. At the top i cut holes into the felt; kind of like a curtain. I then placed a rope through these holes and there you have it, we have capes for our super moms. Happy Halloween!


image8 image10 image13 image17 image18

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