120309002_Booth_Woo_376192cAnyone else lackadaisical moms like me? So this morning I got up bright and early… sick as ever… laid in bed coughing up my lungs and kidney, suffering from the flu, knowing good dag on well I should of gotten the flu shot, and finally decided to roll out of bed at 830am. So I crawl and got myself ready and then my son Kaiden. As I got to the daycare, only 2 minutes away from my house…. things looked a bit strange. The lights were off… Christmas tree lights out… no kids in sight… back door closed…. no toys scattered across the yard. I began the frantically call my day care provider… no answer… then it dawned on me… I immediately contacted a parent I had as a facebook friend and she informed me the DAY CARE IS CLOSED TILL JAN.4th. I was shocked. No one told me… well not verbally anyway (Kanye shrug). You know those notices they put in your kid’s bag pack and it says, “URGENT PLEASE READ”, the notice I threw to the side and said whatever ill read it later… yea that paper, that notice, that important piece of information. What an oversight. I must get my life right in 2016. What will I do when my little guy starts school in 2 years? I need to get it together. I have no idea how to be a functioning parent (says this sarcastically). I lied when I said I could do it all. SHEESH! –unorganized parent

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