Tips for a Successful 2016!

So of course like a birthday, the New Year signifies a milestone in which you can look back, reflect, get mad, start over, and redo what hasn’t been done the year before. You see all these post of New Year, New ME; followed by a ton of naysayers and people who predict that you will give up and forget your yearly goals after the 5th day in the year. Even though, this is common practice and many don’t follow through with their New Year, New ME, new resolution mentality, we are here to share some key tips on how you can have a successful 2016.

1. Back to the basics. Plan, plan and plan some more. I use to be good and writing everything down and actually planning. Toward the end of last year, I actually bought 6-7 calendar/ planners and utilized none of them. All I did was walk around with them in my bag and made my shoulder hurt from having a heavy pocketbook. Planning, making daily to-do list, and setting a schedule is the biggest goal I am trying to follow through with this year. I am juggling many different businesses and companies and I realized I was unsuccessful last year because I missed deadlines and I didn’t plan accordingly.

RCT_40222. Step back and assess. Last year my mentality was JUST DO IT. I just DID, on a daily basis. I was working hard and not smart and by the end of the year… I was burnt out and exhausted and couldn’t get anything down. I was physically and emotionally drained and I am still paying for it in 2016. So, this year I’ve decided to take a step back and look at everything in totality. At the end of 2015, I sat with a friend who has knowledge of planning and she helped me separate my businesses and access what part of each business I would attack and execute first. Old habits are hard to break and though I am still in the process of trying to work on 1 thing at a time, I think I’m doing a good job at setting clear goals and actually executing and being strategic with what I am trying to accomplish, thus far.



3. Don’t reinvent the Wheel. I am still doing a horrible job with this. Why am I trying to reinvent the wheel? Others have done exactly what I have done before, so instead of running before I can crawl I need to ask people in similar positions, doing better than me, HOW DID YOU DO IT. Though some are unwilling to give up the info, a lot of people are willing to share. So don’t be discouraged by some that won’t share their knowledge of wealth, ask someone else, or worst case scenario, google it. Utilize all your resources and ask someone, if they don’t know, ask them if they know someone who may know that can help you. Don’t waste time making the same mistakes other people already made and paid for. Save yourself sometime and skip the mistakes.

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4. Carve out time for you daily. Whether that’s exercise or meditation in the morning, or reading a bible verse or daily mantra, do something for you. Do something to get you pumped and inspired for the day. When you’re in work mode, it’s easy to let you fall short in this process. Being burned out by the end of the year really taught me an important lesson. Balance is needed and it’s a must for your sanity.11061285_10108279910734404_3654731798973085334_n

5. Be committed to mommy and me time. As you get ready in the morning, rush dinner in the evening, hurry to go to bed at night… when do we stop to really ask our kid if he/she had a good day. Sometimes we really need to schedule time out to relax and be one with our kids. That time is not only important to you… it’s also important to them.

I had kind of a late start to the year, but I’m pretty committed to using these 366 (its a leap year) days to figuring it out. it seems long but in a couple weeks we all would say time flies really fast and we got nothing done!

Here’s to a new year and I hope my tips will help you and I have a SUCCESSFUL and EVENTFUL 2-0-16!


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