I am the only woman of color at my job, and I’m often the only woman of color in front of clients (I’m in advertising). There’s been one client that really gets under my skin. They’re located in west bubble fuck (with not one person of color for miles), they’ve been hard to manage and have found a way to complain about everything – yet through it all I’ve remained cool and professional never letting it show. They’ve complained to my CEO that I don’t have enough enthusiasm (I’m not a cheerleader, not my personality), they’ve complained that I’m not solution oriented (when I’ve proved them wrong – I had a team deliver on time and above expectation for the duration of the assignment), and the list goes on and on, but anyway it’s always negative towards me. So, we have a new opportunity with them and they’ve basically asked to work with my junior and not me (becuause I’m too firm).

Now I’m not one to play the race card but I feel like they’re using every unfounded excuse to complain about me. I work hard y’all. I’m on the road all of the time away from my son, and when I’m working with ungrateful clients it just makes me feel like what’s the point.

I’m throwing my hands up with these people. They’ve been a thorn in my side since day one. – Anonymous hard working mom

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