balance-beam-with-a-frame-300x240I once had my “dream job” in which I thought I loved so much until I felt like I was doing a lousy job in my professional life and in my personal life; i literally felt like I was drowning. I remember frantically calling my virtual therapist (the sweetest family therapist friend I met a couple years ago on a flight back to America from Jamaica) and she asked, how would you rate yourself as a mom? I responded, “A 4”. She then said in your current job, what grade from 1-10? I responded, “A 3”. To the average folk from the outside looking in, I am sure they would say, “NO WAY KALILAH, how is that at all possible?, you are probably being too hard on yourself. They may be right, but at that moment and even now, I felt terrible and I felt like I was going under water fast and I needed to find that balance.


Since then, I have left my “dream job” and you would think, being at home I should now say my home life is a 10 right… WRONG! So frustrating. I am still struggling to find balance. Last night I posted this picture showing my desktop screen with jumbled icons and overlapping folders. It is chaotic, icons are all over the place, it’s full of confusion, great ideas are buried underneath all the rummage; just a mess, this is a representation of my life.


Every day I find myself, trying to organize, trying to overcome, trying to get better than yesterday. I guess as long as I am not just sitting still and being buried alive, that’s a good thing… right?


So what am I doing about it?

  1. Get help. See what others have done to be successful. Try some of their methods, see what works for you. If it doesn’t fit, scrap it and try something new. Get interns, seek professionals who are willing to help you for a low cost or no cost if you can. I have two people who have come on to my design team and they are literally saving my life daily. Helping to keep my calendar up to date, website updated, informing me about events; you can’t do it all, even as a mom or entrepreneur. Takes a village.
  2. Get organized. I know for some moms, this is always an impossible task. Especially if you have a Tasmanian devil like mine, that comes through and demolishes everything in his path. Get planners, I have bought about 100 planners in the last 6 months, the key is actually USING them. It doesn’t help that places like TJ MAXX and Marshalls now have these insanely cute planners, so every time I go in, guess what I do… buy a new planner.
  3. Take Action. If you are anything like me, you take all the good advice and sit on it. Like an egg, waiting for it to hatch on it’s own. Guess what, this egg will not hatch unless you crack it open yourself. I am so use to my bad habits, that its a struggle to actually implement the good ideas I want to incorporate into my daily activities.
  4. Set a timer. I think this is something I struggle with the most and I am going to try my best to include this in my day. — USE THE CLOCK to SUPPORT YOU. For example today, I gave myself an hour to write this piece and any other I can set up for the week, that way I can block out time to do all the other 1,000 things I would like to get done today. You may not get everything done, but at least you hopefully would have gotten SOME things done or started.
  5. Start over. I try my best to look at every day with a clean slate, and say to myself… TRY AGAIN. I do this at the gym, I do this with my son, I do this with life. Sometimes I go to bed so frustrated because I accomplished nothing I set forth to do. That’s when #2 comes in handy. If you are organized and setting a daily plan, you get to see what things you are actually completing and cross these task off your list.

FullSizeRender (15)

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you to be successful in jump-starting your day and being a better you.


3 Comments on 5 tips to help reduce chaos.

  1. Enjoli Coleman
    April 11, 2016 at 11:46 am (2 years ago)

    Yess. I can so relate. Great post. Will pass along!

  2. Kerry-Ann L
    April 27, 2016 at 11:31 am (2 years ago)

    There is such beauty in your transparency Kalilah. Thank you for the tips!!! Now that I am organized, here I am taking action #Phase3 LOL.

    • twobrooklynbabes
      April 27, 2016 at 5:54 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank u!!


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