Keshia Knight Pulliam, the actress best known as Rudy Huxtable, has been all over the news in recent weeks due to the breakup and pending divorce of her ex NFL pro husband, Ed Hartwell. Baring her baby bump for a recent Instagram selfie, Keshia seems to be in better spirits after telling ET all about her relationship, including past indiscretions by her husband. Not long after, he too came forward with his side of the story.

According to Keshia she had no idea that her husband wanted out and that she was totally “blindsided” by the news. She also claimed that the worst part was she could’ve easily given up when he initially cheated early on in their relationship. Hartwell fired back stating that Keshia wanted a baby immediately after getting married and though he pleaded with her to grow first as a couple she dismissed him and became distant when he said he wanted to wait to have a family.

What ensued it a he say/she say nightmare with both parties speaking out and accusing each other of being dishonest. Messy! Messy! Social media has taken to the story with many people split on the subject.

Being in my early 30s myself, I have many friends in the same predicament. Trial after trial they enter relationships with hopes of happily ever after, that usually end up in BeyoncĂ© songs and anger. Many of them now wondering, should they go at it alone? Should they invest in a sperm bank, or Joe the mailman just in a quest to have the baby they want before the ever annoying biological clock finally stops ticking. Men have it easier in this department, Ed Hartwell for example already has a child from his previous marriage, and quite frankly can get any girl pregnant at any time he feels the itch to increase his gene pool. So does that make it fair for Keshia to then allegedly pressure him into having a child because her time was “running out.” Did she rush into her relationship and say “I do” just to say she’s married and to get pregnant so she could have her “happily ever after”? Was the marriage in of itself just a means to an end?

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Many woman have voiced that they feel Keshia pressured him into having a baby right away, but many also feel it’s rightfully so. There are so many woman who find themselves in Keshia’s exact situation. Time feels as though it’s running out, you think you’ve found the one, he pops the question you say yes, now it’s time to start on the baby and he says, wait let’s slow down, or worse as Keshia claims, that he isn’t sure he loves you. Do you still try to have the baby?

Hopefully Keshia and Ed work this out for the sake of the baby.

Does this desire to have children leave women scrambling to get it done by any means necessary? And is this justified?

What’s your take? Tell us below!

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  1. kass
    August 14, 2016 at 10:55 pm (2 years ago)

    I don’t think she pressured him. Lets be realistic she 36. he would have to know she was gonna want a baby if they were to get married. I’m pretty sure she discussed it previously. she didn’t get herself pregnant. if he didn’t want a baby than leave before getting her pregnant. Tell her thats not what you want and leave.


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