We would like to acknowledge anyone deeply affected by September 11th attacks on the US. I think this act impacted most of our lives whether we were from NYC or not. Being that we are a New York, home based organzation/ group, Two brooklyn Babes would like to send our condolences. It has been 15 years, but so many events after have made an impact. Sending love to any mom who may be grieving today. feel free to share any memories or stories with us if you wish of 9/11, how its impacted you (if any) and where you were that day. Never Forget.


I was home, and on everything a couple days before the attacks I accidentally got off the train at Chambers Street. I went to school in Manhattan and I was attempting to shop and I got off at World Trade Center and I had NO IDEA so many stores were under there in when you got off the train. I was in amazement. A day or two later, the planes went into the towers. I was home because I graduated high school early, so my aunt in California woke me up asking if I was in watching the news. At the time only one plane hit. Then a couple minutes later, the second plane. Just devastating. It was my moms bday so i went to her job frightened and heard horror stories as my friends Olomide McKoy- Quinones and Tasha Stewart had to walk home from school. Just a scary day and all that came after and to know we are still fighting. it is scary.

Ya I was def on my way down there to Banana Republic instead of school and got kicked off the train at Nevins. I was like ??? what’s going on … No alert on the phone back then … So walking downtown with the hundreds of people that got their plans interrupted and not knowing what’s going on I headed to the McDonaldson Fulton to get breakfast ,still clueless. I bumped into my friend who looked frightened and saw tons of people covered with debris walking from the Brooklyn Bridge Some were yelling and crying and screaming then I heard that it was a terrorist attack? WTF does that mean I was 16/17 … Together , confused , and scared we just started walking from Downtown towards eastern pkwy and Utica Ave I will never forget the lady yelling and screaming I Will never forget how Alone I Felt until I bumped into my friend I Will never forget listening to all the names a few days later… 9/11 I will
Never forget


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