Legally, I’ve been able to vote since I was 24, the age I became a US citizen. I take this right to vote seriously. This election cycle has been the craziest display of “politics” I’ve ever seen. CNN is on most days in my house and my husband and I try to stay informed. What’s been of most interest to me is the support of Christian leaders in favor of Donald Trump.

Quite frankly, I don’t get it! When Donald Trump insults women, curses at rallies, uses derogatory terms, refers to himself as the greatest in more ways than one, and lauds greed, among so many other things (Read more) I cannot in good conscious- as a good Christian- vote for this man. He is opposite to all my beliefs and values. To be more explicit, Trump is anti-Christ. Every account of Jesus’ life illustrated inclusion, helping others and loving your neighbors.  Everything Donald Trump says is divisive and self-centered. Like Dr. Charles Dunn, Professor Emeritus, Regent University, stated “ The Christian Faith should not be looked upon as an interest group.”

Moreover, I’m an immigrant. And the way Trump degrades immigrants; specifically Mexicans, makes me sick. If his immigration policy; building a wall, keeping Mexicans and Muslims out, then wouldn’t that also encompass my African and Caribbean brothers and sisters trying to make a better life here in the US?  In a nutshell, VOTE! Vote like your children’s lives depend on it- because it does!

Kajette Solomon
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Kajette Solomon lives in Rhode Island with her husband Joe and toddler daughter Lydia. A self-professed “Church Girl” Pentecostal Christian. She’s and art historian and native New Yorker. She loves trap gospel music, art and her husband’s cooking.

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