Pregnancy can be an amazing experience. Just knowing that somehow a life is forming within your womb let’s us know the undeniable power that a woman possesses. But there can also be a dark side to that experience, and though 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage this topic is taboo and is rarely discussed. When a pregnancy ends prematurely and without warning it is devastating and can lead to depression especially when hormones are a major factor . Sometimes the doctors don’t have an explanation and the woman wants to know why she wonders what did she do wrong? Did she eat the right foods? Was she under stress? Did she forget to take her prenatal vitamins? Her brain searches for answers and the emptiness of her womb is a constant reminder that her pregnancy did not give her a baby. Miscarriage does not only affect the woman, it is also very hard for the father however he might deal with the loss differently which sometimes creates tension between the two. Women who have experienced miscarriage need time to heal physically as well as emotionally, her body will recover quicker than her emotions, it is imperative to take as much time as needed. While some mothers may want to try right away doctors suggest to have at least two menstrual cycles before trying again. However some moms develop fear and would prefer to wait a little longer. Losing a baby is a big deal and a woman needs as much love and support at this time because it is something that she will never forget!

Sasha Jacob
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My name is Sasha Jacob. Born on the island of Trinidad &Tobago grew up in Crown Heights Brooklyn. Currently I live in Phoenix Arizona with my beautiful 12 year old daughter Mya and my husband of eleven years Danny. Looking back I realize that I've always had a passion for writing, however it was not until a tragic event occurred in my life led me to the comforting arms of pen an paper. Writing became therapeutic to my broken soul. I have discovered my gift from God and I will share it with you through my pen.

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