Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

In 1988 President Regan declared October as Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. There isn’t anything that can prepare a woman, man or family for that matter on the loss of a pregnancy. It’s a devastating blow that is very difficult to deal with emotionally, mentally and physically.

I write this piece not as a mother who suffered from the loss of a pregnancy but as a sibling who dealt with the many losses. My mom is the epitome of strength and I’m in awe of all she has endured. Eight… that number represents how many miscarriages my mom had after having me. Some pregnancies I don’t really remember because I was so young at the time and some I do. I can recall seeing her belly grow and watching the babies move then NOTHING. I now realized that growing up my parents really shielded me from that pain that we went through. I wanted younger siblings so badly because I had this fascination with babies. Out of the eight miscarriages there were two sets of twins and 6 single pregnancies and only one that made it to birth, a baby girl. Sadly she died shortly after birth. I asked my mom how she dealt with all the losses, she said she put her faith in her God the Almighty. Yes it was painful to lose babies you wanted to bring into this world but she held on to her faith.

She was able to go on and have four more children after all the miscarriages (a set of twin girls who she was placed on bed rest for the entire pregnancy. Followed by another baby girl two years later and another baby girl four years later). I have adored my siblings from the day they were born.

When I finally got pregnant I was a nervous wreck because I had a lot of things against me especially being 37 years of age. My mom had her entire church praying for my little bundle. I can’t honestly say how I would have dealt with having a miscarriage, the thought of losing my own would have been just as hard as it was losing my siblings.

For the many women who have gone through miscarriages and still births, never lose hope and faith. RIP to all the little angels who watch over their families ??????

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Empress Steph is 38 who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She loves curling up with a good book, listening to music, writing, taking selfies and doing makeup when she isn't being a doting mother to her baby boy Keith.

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