This is my favorite season of year: fun, food and festivities! However, it can be a stressful time as well. There are so many reasons to spend the holidays with the ones you love. But sometimes, those same loved ones are nowhere near you and the logistics to get together are difficult. With that said, here are 5 reasons to stay put for Thanksgiving:

  1. Creating new memories and traditions: It’s easy to do what you’ve always done for the holidays, right? No major planning and you know what to expect. For me, the routine gets boring. With my husband and daughter, we have an opportunity to try new activities together. For example, no Black Friday shopping but instead head to a museum or other cultural institution.
  2. Traveling: Packing for 3 people, wrangling an active toddler and traffic= STRESS! Driving over 300 miles is a lot of work. We’ll save lots of time and energy simply by staying home.
  3. Funds: Along with traveling the expenses of gas, toll and rest stops all add up. Giving our pockets a break is another major factor in the decision to stay put for the holiday.
  4. Considering your spouse: My husband’s family lives in Georgia- way down south and we live in Rhode Island- way up north. So, most holidays are spent with my family in New York- within driving distance. This year, my husband proposed the idea first that we don’t go to New York for Thanksgiving. And in the spirit of balance and peace, I considered him and agreed. We will, however, spend Christmas with my family.
  5. Community: We’ve lived away from our family and friends for over 2 years now. We have yet to spend any major holiday in our new state, Rhode Island. In efforts to put down roots and build our community/village, we accepted a good friend’s offer to spend Thanksgiving with her. Our kids get along well and she’s been extremely supportive since we moved, so why not share in this holiday together.

We are defining HOME for Thanksgiving where we ARE not where we’re FROM.

Kajette Solomon
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Kajette Solomon lives in Rhode Island with her husband Joe and toddler daughter Lydia. A self-professed “Church Girl” Pentecostal Christian. She’s and art historian and native New Yorker. She loves trap gospel music, art and her husband’s cooking.

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