The owners + founders of Two Brooklyn Babes, Kalilah Wright and Abby Clarence originally met in 1996 while attending Philippa Schuyler Middle School in Brooklyn, New York. Fast forward 19 years later, the ladies kept in contact via social media and they embarked on the journey of motherhood together. Abby had her first son Chase Ethan, June 2013 and Kalilah had her first son, Kaiden Daniel, September 2013

Having their babies 3 months apart encouraged them to form a sisterhood community of cool moms; a place where moms could chat during their pregnancy and embrace one another as they traveled on the confusing path of motherhood. There was so much to think about, from breastfeeding, bottle types, registries, diaper selections, pregnancy waxes, natural birth, epidurals, baby showers, doulas, and the list goes on..

Kalilah is an architect grad and designer and serves as the creative mastermind behind fast growing brand Mess In A Bottle, an expressive brand that allows individuals to be outspoken by wearing their message. Abby is a sales manager for a Fortune 500 technology company and she is also the co-founder of Room460 a successful private event space expanding to a second location and online party supply store in the coming year.

The two great minds merged their fabulosity to now found, Two Brooklyn Babes. What started as a super secret society of babes through their secret Facebook group of 2,000 moms and growing, has transformed to a mommy lifestyle site that lends a voice to the real day to day experience that is motherhood – guiding and embracing moms along the way. Their experience with moms from all walks of life, allowed them to see the importance in having a place where new and experienced moms could go to find genuine, unfiltered information, and share REAL talk about the issues faced as mothers in today’s world.

Welcome to Two Brooklyn Babes!!