Happy Halloween!!!

I wanted to create something creative for Halloween. Kaiden and his bestie Mario love each other and I figured making them something cool, matching and unique for Halloween. I wanted to also create something that was in expensive as well. I felt like store bought costumes where so costly. In walmart all the ugly, cheesy, regular costumes were $20+. I thought long and hard and as I ate a candy bar, I say AH-HA! “Twix” bars it is! I figured it was super cute and hopefully easy to make. I wanted to go to Home Depot and get those emergency big blankets… but I was told they were seasonal… and plus they didn’t have the shiny gold/ bronze color sheet for the overall makeup of the costume. So I gave up on Home Depot and headed to JoAnn Fabrics and these items jumped out at me. I found this great sequins material that was close to the reflective bronze material of the twix wrapper and then this felt material (the red and white) for the letter and the brown was suppose to be for a chocolate hat. With coupons (JoAnn fabrics always has coupons) i spent $18 on all that fabric. I was able to make 4 costumes. I ended up rushing at the end and not making the hats, but check out how it all came together. They were a BIG HIT! Everyone loved their costumes! The costumes were very easy to make. I dont have much sewing experience; I hand sewed up the sides and made it like a dress/ sack. Gathered the top of the costumes at the shoulders and then cut out the letters in felt. I

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DIY – Easter Baby Photos

Don’t know what to do for Easter?

Here was an idea submitted by one of our Moms and her adorable son



  • Camera
  • Clothe Diaper
  • Pop Pom (How to on Pintrest is easy to find) or you can purchase one
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Bunny Ears (can be purchased at most local pharmacies during the Easter Season)
  • Basket
  • Blanket
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Halloween for the Mommies

Figured we would be something simple this year. Last year I was a witch and that was a lot of fun and my face painting came out really cute. This year I decided to be a super mom. I made a custom sweater that said “Super mom to the rescue” and I made us matching capes. I made this for my mommy bestie and I to wear trick or treating. We are the epitome of super moms. The costumes were fitting and I have the resources to make in house custom sweaters. So i whipped up those bad boys in a second and had them ready to go with the boys twix costume. the capes were super easy to make and didnt require any sewing. I used the left over felt I had from the twix costume. I put a layer of blue felt and then a layer of red felt over it. At the top i cut holes into the felt; kind of like a curtain. I then placed a rope through these holes and there you have it, we have capes for our super moms. Happy Halloween!

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Birthday Party Table Decor

One of our mommy’s created this cutesy decor for her daughter’s first birthday. Using frames and ribbons, keeping the color palettes simple but very elegant. Check out this well done DIY!11205484_10103196559880253_3717502083634978351_n11205529_10103196557989043_1336857462742801394_n

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