School Daze

Always looking for a fun way for my son to go to daycare and rep his cool kid persona. He’s a pretty tall kid, so his pants become short quickly and turn into high-waters after a couple wears; here’s a cool way to show off that look! Capri style pants are definitely in. Cuff those pants/ roll them up and rock them with skippy loafer style boat shoes. We also matched Kaiden’s personalized birthday themed onesie from with this outfit. Check out my cool kid!

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Mommy Slay Friday – Metanoya Z. Webb

This mom-to-be is killing it with her cute semi exposed baby bumb, fly bag, killa shades, and comfortable platforms. 

So we just want to do a little Fri-slay edition every Friday highlighting maternity wear and moms killing the fashion game 

The details:

  • Overalls: citizens of humanity 
  • top: Zara 
  • bag: Michael Kors collection 
  • flatforms: Vince 
  • sunnies: rayban
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    Summer Dress Must Haves!

    The summer is in full swing! With all of the humidity and high temperatures on the East Coast it is crucial to have closet staples that are comfy, chic and stylish! Enter PinkBlush! 

    PinkBlush provides soon to be moms with affordable, trendy and chic clothing that will take them through their nine months to motherhood and beyond! They have an amazing line that features everything from tops, jeans and cute dresses for women. Being 3 years post maternity we both live for comfy summer dresses that are perfect for running after our active toddlers and looking great while doing it! 

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    Get my mommy look- B$%#! Stole my LOOK


    Coat- $11 Target (Ever see a really inexpensive coat but you realize its missing something? I got this coat on sale at target for $11, removed the belt and added a vintage fur collar and broach to it. Everywhere I go someone ask… where’d you get that coat!

    Dress- $10 Marshall’s


    Rope Belt- $0.99 Marshalls

    Boots- $15 Shoe Dazzle (Oldie, but a goodie. I got these when I first signed up and they were 70% off my first purchase and then I canceled my membership a few months later.

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    Comfortable-fly is IN!

    The days of pushing your mommy stroller in heels and carrying your baby in pumps are so over (Unless your Kim K and I think she admitted that she had to get some cute flats recently). These days with my active 2 year old… I’m all for comfort. This comfort wear has transitioned into my work life and my social life as well. I can’t tell the last time I wore a good high heel… well that wedding I went to recently called for it. But all in all, I’m over the uncomfortable shoe. I’ll opt for my Under Amrour sneaks any day or a good fashion forward flat. Also tasteful tights are in, with a good cover up… or a long shirt works great. Check out how I paired up this comfy mommy look with shiny tights, under armour sneakers, a tribal sheer cover up and a biggie t-shirt. I’m always putting on for my city when I can!

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    Fly Guy

    Day 2 at daycare. My son Kaiden cried as I left him today… but at least he looked good while doing it lol. He wore a cute outfit from Children’s place, Army fatigue pant with a striped yello shirt that says “Mom’s Superstar”, nautica skippies, paired with an old navy hat. As we left out I realized it might get a little windy out so the perfect cover for this outfit is a jean shirt open with the sleeves rolled up. My fly guy was ready to roll this morning!

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    Mini Fashionistas!

    We are clearly in the era of the cool kids. With popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s a war of the Fashion GAWDS! Kids Fashion Gods that is! Check out some of these trendy kids killing the social media runways! We have famous kids like Blue Ivy, setting the trends for kids across the globe. Check out these fashionista’s killing the game!


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    A big Bag is a MUST!

    What does your mommy bag look like? I think we are in the age of having a fashion forward mommy bag… thank God big bags are the IN thing. Get a nice big bag… throw some diapers, wipes, burp cloth, makeup case, wallet; throw it over your stroller handle and BAM! you are IN the IN crowd. Beautiful big bags are THE THING; serves a dual purpose (used to carry your personables and babies necessities) A big, nice, perfect leather bag IS TO DIE FOR! This can be a great push gift ladies. Tell that special person in your life… you DESERVE a nice bag as a present for this gift you are giving. Here are some great fashionable mommy bags. You have the flashy bags or you can be a bit more low key with a cute simple leather bag. Book Bags are super cute right now for a grab and go; they go well with sweats and jeans and they dress up a dress down look. Also, mens bags are the perfect diaper bags as well! I’ve seen some great big bags marketed in the mens department that are perfect buys for mommy’s. The age of the shiny nylon, wipe able, animal print bags are SO OVER. Please dont get caught slipping with the wrong kind of mommy bag.

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