5 things I loved about Kerry Washington and her baby bump on the Red Emmy Carpet



1. Rock out with your bump out.

Chile, did you see the little peak-a-boo slits on the side. That right there was so sexy and gave me life. Show a little skin and give the baby bean a little shine. You can never go wrong with a 2-piece (kinda) while pregnant if you have a good belly for it (of course).

  1. That fro.

Her hair was flawless. Her big fro made it easy to cover her shoulders, not be too revealing and just incase she got hot and bothered, her hair would definitely cover up and absorb any sweat… you know a pregnant girl gets hot and bothered really quick.

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5 tips to help reduce chaos.

balance-beam-with-a-frame-300x240I once had my “dream job” in which I thought I loved so much until I felt like I was doing a lousy job in my professional life and in my personal life; i literally felt like I was drowning. I remember frantically calling my virtual therapist (the sweetest family therapist friend I met a couple years ago on a flight back to America from Jamaica) and she asked, how would you rate yourself as a mom? I responded, “A 4”. She then said in your current job, what grade from 1-10? I responded, “A 3”. To the average folk from the outside looking in, I am sure they would say, “NO WAY KALILAH, how is that at all possible?, you are probably being too hard on yourself. They may be right, but at that moment and even now, I felt terrible and I felt like I was going under water fast and I needed to find that balance.

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Please Don’t Destroy My Kid’s Stuff


Ok So I get my lo from the sitter yesterday and he shows me his shirt that’s cut and says Emily cut it in school. I ask him where his teacher was and he says in the front of the class. I asked him did he tell he said no because the girl said sorry. I’m so pissed because when he does anything I get a call right away and here we have little Emily just walking around with scissors cutting Ralph Lauren shirts cause she felt like it. I can’t wait until Monday to fix Ms. Teacher’s ass! Who do I ask for my money back?- angry mom

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Mommy Rant- Hard working mom


I am the only woman of color at my job, and I’m often the only woman of color in front of clients (I’m in advertising). There’s been one client that really gets under my skin. They’re located in west bubble fuck (with not one person of color for miles), they’ve been hard to manage and have found a way to complain about everything – yet through it all I’ve remained cool and professional never letting it show. They’ve complained to my CEO that I don’t have enough enthusiasm (I’m not a cheerleader, not my personality), they’ve complained that I’m not solution oriented (when I’ve proved them wrong – I had a team deliver on time and above expectation for the duration of the assignment), and the list goes on and on, but anyway it’s always negative towards me. So, we have a new opportunity with them and they’ve basically asked to work with my junior and not me (becuause I’m too firm).

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Cross Keys Kids Dental

2 Hamil Road Suite 266, Baltimore, MD 21210


My son complained about a toothache and I had no idea where to turn. I called several dentist offices and I got the same response that they were booked up until a certain date and would not be able to see my son.


I was disappointed until I called Cross Keys Pediatric Dentist. Not only were they beyond pleasant, but they offered to take a look at my son the next day and they would be sure to resolve the issue.

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Vision Board 2-0-1-6- Mommy Edition


As a mom of a 2 year old, I think its easy for our vision to get shifted or lost and the days go by and June rolls around and you wonder, how the hell did 1/2 of the year go by and I got nothing accomplished?

I usually write down resolutions/ goals and I work super hard in those 365/6 days to achieve those goals I set forth to accomplish. From personal goals, to career goals, to weight loss achievements; I just write down a “what the heck do you want to accomplish this year” list and as the clock strikes 12, I just hit the timer and say GO! Unlike most, I think I do a good job at sticking to my goals and actually trying to accomplish them by the years end. I am sure, like others, I skip past most of them, but overall, I try to do a good job in completing them.IMG_2128

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The year of the Do’ers! Happy 2-0-1-6


Tips for a Successful 2016!

So of course like a birthday, the New Year signifies a milestone in which you can look back, reflect, get mad, start over, and redo what hasn’t been done the year before. You see all these post of New Year, New ME; followed by a ton of naysayers and people who predict that you will give up and forget your yearly goals after the 5th day in the year. Even though, this is common practice and many don’t follow through with their New Year, New ME, new resolution mentality, we are here to share some key tips on how you can have a successful 2016.

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No time to work out

It’s always such a struggle to find the time to work out. Its so freaking annoying. After losing 65lbs post baby… I feel like its even harder now to find the time to actually DO IT. I have a million and one things going on and it just seems like there is just NO TIME. I use to run in the mornings… but I don’t have the availability and I hate trying to wake my son up to face the morning cold with me at 5am… I feel like this is some sort of abuse lol. Then lunch time has become null and void since they are actually forcing me to work at work… so yea…. and evenings are just a NO. I get home and either I’m exhausted… or the baby does a little something and then I’m exhausted. Feels like a lose lose. I’ve been trying to keep my diet well… minus the smoked honey bbq chips I’m snacking on as I type… so thankfully I haven’t been gaining any weight… but I’ve been staying the same and not losing anything. I have no idea how I will get to my -10lb weight loss. I am struggling so hard to NOT get back in the 180s… im close to that line though. I am hoping with the new week I can motivate myself to at least work out a couple days a week (hopefully 2 – 3)… eat right and see some good results. How do you conquer the busy life of being a mom?

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Baby Sprinkle!

Having a second child, especially close in age comes with its own array of questions and concerns. One of which is whether or not to have another baby shower. You want to be able to share this joyous moment with friends and family but you also don’t want to run the risk factor of being looked at as greedy or you genuinely don’t need as much as you did the first time around. Baby “sprinkles” have become a great way of welcoming a new addition to the family without being over the top. Instead of the mother being “showered” with gifts she’s “sprinkled” with usually the necessities for the new baby.

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Whats on your plate?

With attempts to eat healthy.. what are you indulging in lately? I’m not a fan of bland salads daily… BUT I found this BOMB salad from Terra Cafe in Baltimore, MD and it was ERRRTHANG! Freshly cut everything… and it was just delicious with warm grilled chicken breast. The struggle to eat healthy is hard these days with all the temptations… but what are you eating to keep on a healthy track and lifestyle? What’s your favorite quick meal?

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