Potty Training Quick Tips from Real Moms


Sigh. Wish me luck….

I’m the mom of a toddler, a two year old to be exact. And with the terrible two’s comes, terrible  poos. Ugh! He eats food, like actual food, pancakes and sausage and macaroni and mashed potatoes and other toddler favorites.

It is definitely time to start the potty.

He’s been telling me after the fact so I can change him for the longest time now, so I thought it would be an easy transition to the potty but so far that has not been the case. Potty training has proven to be quite the task and it feels like with every step forward we have two step backwards. I’m so not about this life!

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Baby Sprinkle!

Having a second child, especially close in age comes with its own array of questions and concerns. One of which is whether or not to have another baby shower. You want to be able to share this joyous moment with friends and family but you also don’t want to run the risk factor of being looked at as greedy or you genuinely don’t need as much as you did the first time around. Baby “sprinkles” have become a great way of welcoming a new addition to the family without being over the top. Instead of the mother being “showered” with gifts she’s “sprinkled” with usually the necessities for the new baby.

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Snotty Nose Season

article-toddler-sniffles-315x315The time is here where the kids get all kinds of sick… and then everyone else in the house gets all kinds of sick… then we are all miserable, and just sick together, passing it around and around. I left the window open and a draft came in and I know colds come from germs… but it seemed like after than night he became stuffy and then of course it was paired with a runny nose. I’ve been trying my best to get him well over the last couple days by disinfecting everything in site, and rubbing him down with vicks at night and using the nose frida to try to suck all the cold off his chest and in his nostrils. So he seems ok today. not his usual loud rambunctious self… but he seemed ok enough to send him to daycare. I gave him some organic cough medicine last night and this morning I gave him garlic with peppermint tea in hopes that it helps to relieve his congestion. I was feeling bad about having to send him to daycare and I have someone on standby incase he has to be sent home… but as I dropped him off I realized… EVERYONE IN HIS CLASS HAD A SNOTTY NOSE. Everyone was wiping their noses with their bare hands (kids) and I could just see the germs floating around from the classroom, to the toys, to the door handles, to the railing. I totally get parents having to send kids to school even when they arent 100% because I had to make that same decision for the past 2 days… but gosh when you see the snotty nose on other kids… its so gross. Then I started to think… I’m trying my best to cure him asap… and I’m sure other parents are as well… but won’t this thing just be passed back and forth and back and forth? They’re toddlers and I cant imagine them having the understanding to wash their hands after each wipe… so now what? Are we just all going to be sick until my kid gets to junior high school? I just had this overwhelming feeling that I have many more years of snotty noses and colds to come. I’m not excited about it… but how the hell do you control it? No matter how much I try to cure my kid and give him vitamins and mint and garlic… the other snotty nosed kids are waiting for him at daycare to touch him, get him sick, and clearly sabotage his health plan. What are your remedies to avoid snotty nose season?

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Kaiden’s Elmo Themed Birthday

Check out my son’s 2nd birthday party! We went to pinterest to find some cool DIY projects for the event. I spent around $300 to accomplish this look. Elmo entertainment = $150 (always ask for a discount) venue= $0 (get a free space if possible, park etc) Food= $80 (I cooked) Cake + Sweets = $30 (Don’t underestimate your local supermarket moms) Photographer= $0 (me, iphones, androids) goody bags- $10 (puzzles $1 each) Decorations= $35

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Comfortable-fly is IN!

The days of pushing your mommy stroller in heels and carrying your baby in pumps are so over (Unless your Kim K and I think she admitted that she had to get some cute flats recently). These days with my active 2 year old… I’m all for comfort. This comfort wear has transitioned into my work life and my social life as well. I can’t tell the last time I wore a good high heel… well that wedding I went to recently called for it. But all in all, I’m over the uncomfortable shoe. I’ll opt for my Under Amrour sneaks any day or a good fashion forward flat. Also tasteful tights are in, with a good cover up… or a long shirt works great. Check out how I paired up this comfy mommy look with shiny tights, under armour sneakers, a tribal sheer cover up and a biggie t-shirt. I’m always putting on for my city when I can!

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World Suicide Prevention Month- September

September is World Suicide Prevention Month, and I wanted to bring awareness to postpartum depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 3000 people on average commit suicide daily. Suicide rates are at an all time high for Veterans. In addition, for every person who commits suicide, 20 or more others attempt to end their lives.

One in seven women have depression in the year after they give birth according to a study released on March 13th in the online edition of JAMA Psychiatry. The findings come from the largest screening of postpartum women ever conducted and the only one in which women who showed signs of depression were given a full psychiatric evaluation.

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Fly Guy

Day 2 at daycare. My son Kaiden cried as I left him today… but at least he looked good while doing it lol. He wore a cute outfit from Children’s place, Army fatigue pant with a striped yello shirt that says “Mom’s Superstar”, nautica skippies, paired with an old navy hat. As we left out I realized it might get a little windy out so the perfect cover for this outfit is a jean shirt open with the sleeves rolled up. My fly guy was ready to roll this morning!

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Whats on your plate?

With attempts to eat healthy.. what are you indulging in lately? I’m not a fan of bland salads daily… BUT I found this BOMB salad from Terra Cafe in Baltimore, MD and it was ERRRTHANG! Freshly cut everything… and it was just delicious with warm grilled chicken breast. The struggle to eat healthy is hard these days with all the temptations… but what are you eating to keep on a healthy track and lifestyle? What’s your favorite quick meal?

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Kanye West- Workout Plan

“1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and
Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this
Give head, stop breathe, get up, check your weave
Don’t drop the blunt and disrespect the weed
Pick up your son and don’t disrespect your seed
It’s a party tonight and ooh she’s so excited”

Remember when kanye told the ladies to get on the work out plan? Well we are definitely in the age of snip and tucks and pills and injections.. but i’ve gotten on my own workout plan to successfully shed my baby weight. I’ve joined a group (myfatiswhack.com) and women encourage each other to naturally shed their baby weight. Good ole fashion workout plan like ‘Ye said. Eat right, and work out ladies.

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Birthday Party Table Decor

One of our mommy’s created this cutesy decor for her daughter’s first birthday. Using frames and ribbons, keeping the color palettes simple but very elegant. Check out this well done DIY!11205484_10103196559880253_3717502083634978351_n11205529_10103196557989043_1336857462742801394_n

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