Mini Fashionistas!

We are clearly in the era of the cool kids. With popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s a war of the Fashion GAWDS! Kids Fashion Gods that is! Check out some of these trendy kids killing the social media runways! We have famous kids like Blue Ivy, setting the trends for kids across the globe. Check out these fashionista’s killing the game!


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A big Bag is a MUST!

What does your mommy bag look like? I think we are in the age of having a fashion forward mommy bag… thank God big bags are the IN thing. Get a nice big bag… throw some diapers, wipes, burp cloth, makeup case, wallet; throw it over your stroller handle and BAM! you are IN the IN crowd. Beautiful big bags are THE THING; serves a dual purpose (used to carry your personables and babies necessities) A big, nice, perfect leather bag IS TO DIE FOR! This can be a great push gift ladies. Tell that special person in your life… you DESERVE a nice bag as a present for this gift you are giving. Here are some great fashionable mommy bags. You have the flashy bags or you can be a bit more low key with a cute simple leather bag. Book Bags are super cute right now for a grab and go; they go well with sweats and jeans and they dress up a dress down look. Also, mens bags are the perfect diaper bags as well! I’ve seen some great big bags marketed in the mens department that are perfect buys for mommy’s. The age of the shiny nylon, wipe able, animal print bags are SO OVER. Please dont get caught slipping with the wrong kind of mommy bag.

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I’m always Crying

The thing about becoming a mom… is that you never know all the emotions you’ll have until the tears hit your cheek so hard and you’re like FUCK why am I crying… AGAIN? This morning my son had his first day at a BIG BOY daycare (This is still an at home daycare provider but it’s ran more like a school environment and it has more children than the kind of care he was going to for the first 2 years of his life). My son turned 2 yesterday and I swear he’s just growing and developing so quickly that my emotions can’t keep up. First you give birth… you cry… then they successfully latch on and you can breastfeed… you cry… then you have to leave him to go back to work… you cry some more… he’ll have his first fall, his first girlfriend, his first break ups, his first arguments… man… I hope my tear ducts are ready for all these milestones and events; if I didn’t tell myself out loud this morning… Kalilah… chuck that shit up my G… you cannot mess up your makeup… I would have had tear streaks running down all down my cheeks and smudged onto my crisp white polo. It’s just so may unknown emotions… I know that this is new to me as a new mom and it’s all an amazing feeling… but I wish I can bottle these great emotions and just keep them forever. Every time you turn around they are doing something new… and you may associate it to your childhood, or something you remembered… and it just brings up all these unknown emotions… that you wouldn’t think you would have. Like packing his lunch for daycare and remembering my grandmother packing my lunch everyday all the way till my senior year of high school or writing his name on EVERYTHING in his backpack. I guess that’s the amazing part about going through this journey of mommyhood… you get to experience all these great emotions, moment after moment, over and over and over again; developing this unforgettable bond with this little person that you created. It’s an amazing feeling… it’s just those unknown sentimental moments that sneak up on you and say GOT EM! I had one of those this morning!

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2nd Annual Mommy & Me Picnic

Two Brooklyn Babes grew out of a collaboration on a private mom only Facebook group now 300+ members strong. Last year we had a blast hosting a mommy meet and greet at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, NY.

As the group grew we decided to make it an annual event. The HarborView Lawn in Pier 1 of the park offers the most open area for the kids to play and also has a small playground and sprinkler area near by. It serves as the perfect location for the large range in ages of the kids.

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