5 things I loved about Kerry Washington and her baby bump on the Red Emmy Carpet



1. Rock out with your bump out.

Chile, did you see the little peak-a-boo slits on the side. That right there was so sexy and gave me life. Show a little skin and give the baby bean a little shine. You can never go wrong with a 2-piece (kinda) while pregnant if you have a good belly for it (of course).

  1. That fro.

Her hair was flawless. Her big fro made it easy to cover her shoulders, not be too revealing and just incase she got hot and bothered, her hair would definitely cover up and absorb any sweat… you know a pregnant girl gets hot and bothered really quick.

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Enough is Enough. Death to the pampers Gods.

I spend roughly $50 a month on diapers and wipes; that’s $600 a year and almost $2,000 in the 3 years my son has been alive. AINT NO BODY GOT TIME for this diaper shit… at all.


As I bought a pack of pull-ups last week, I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I told myself after this pack, NO MORE. I am a full time entrepreneur and extremely busy, but my pockets can longer sustain this “diaper life”. I remember at my baby shower someone bought a size 5 pamper and I said, “the hell my baby will not be still in pampers at this age….” Yup, I’m rolling my eyes too, it’s time. Not because society says its time, but because my wallet says its time. Plus I think, finally, my son is truly ready. Remember a couple months ago when I first introduced potty training and I told you guys about my experience. Yip, that time. Ya’ll remember the pic of real housewives, Kandi Burrus attempting (and joking I hope) to potty train her four month old son training-pngTHAT NEEDED TO BE ME. I should have started him on the potty a long time ago. We’ve had two weeks strong where he is actually going and telling me every time he has to go. We’ve only had one mishap where he had to go and we were at the supermarket and we could not use the restroom. Here are some tips I recommend to help these little critters train on the potty.

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We will Never Forget 9.11

We would like to acknowledge anyone deeply affected by September 11th attacks on the US. I think this act impacted most of our lives whether we were from NYC or not. Being that we are a New York, home based organzation/ group, Two brooklyn Babes would like to send our condolences. It has been 15 years, but so many events after have made an impact. Sending love to any mom who may be grieving today. feel free to share any memories or stories with us if you wish of 9/11, how its impacted you (if any) and where you were that day. Never Forget.

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Who cares about your kid’s 1st day?

As kids head back to school this week, its always fun to get them dressed up, no matter their age. We get them all dolled up to send them off to daycare, pre school, elementary, high school and dare I even say college? lol.

Our facebook timelines are flooded with blushing moms and dads raving about their kids new bag packs, fresh cuts, new sneaks, hair do’s and even a new car as some of the older kids get driving privileges. It’s fun to see when you have kids, but what about the one’s who don’t?

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School Daze

Always looking for a fun way for my son to go to daycare and rep his cool kid persona. He’s a pretty tall kid, so his pants become short quickly and turn into high-waters after a couple wears; here’s a cool way to show off that look! Capri style pants are definitely in. Cuff those pants/ roll them up and rock them with skippy loafer style boat shoes. We also matched Kaiden’s personalized birthday themed onesie from http://www.lilinash.com with this outfit. Check out my cool kid!

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By Any Means Necessary?

Keshia Knight Pulliam, the actress best known as Rudy Huxtable, has been all over the news in recent weeks due to the breakup and pending divorce of her ex NFL pro husband, Ed Hartwell. Baring her baby bump for a recent Instagram selfie, Keshia seems to be in better spirits after telling ET all about her relationship, including past indiscretions by her husband. Not long after, he too came forward with his side of the story.

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RIP to my perfect breast- National Breastfeeding Week

I was in the locker room at the gym after a killer workout and I felt so great about myself… until I saw her round, perfect, very perky breast. At that moment, my whole body just shut down and I felt defeated. I instantly had a feeling of grave depression… what happened to mine [perky breast]? Where did they go?

I started to day dream of my young tenderoni days when I went braless; when I had the option of bra or no bra. I never had really big breast growing up, but they weren’t small either. My chest was proportionally just the right size for my body. I didn’t develop too early but I still remember the day I got my first training bra and I was through the roof! I think I was going into junior high from 4th-5th grade and it was senior day or a class trip and I was comparing my chest size with the other girls on the school bus and we were all gleaming with pride as we were all moving up to the level of a brassiere. I remember thinking this was such a huge deal going from those thin cut Haines bras to an actual training bra! Go me! I proudly showing them the ruffles and how my bra clasp and closed in the back. I even showed off be pretty flowered patterns and the structure and wiring in my “bra”. Even the term rolled off my tongue. “I’m moving into a bra now”. Through the years, i was a B/C cup as my body frame remained sleek and slender. Throughout college I began eating all the great cafeteria foods and I began to really coming into womanhood and I steadily remained at a 36C. Then pregnancy happened, the weight gain naturally accompanied my pregnancy and my dreams were shattered of ever going braless again (unless I opt for surgery). During my pregnancy I went to target to get a new bra and I remember needing a 40D/DD; I flatlined.

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Mommy Slay Friday – Metanoya Z. Webb

This mom-to-be is killing it with her cute semi exposed baby bumb, fly bag, killa shades, and comfortable platforms. 

So we just want to do a little Fri-slay edition every Friday highlighting maternity wear and moms killing the fashion game 

The details:

  • Overalls: citizens of humanity 
  • top: Zara 
  • bag: Michael Kors collection 
  • flatforms: Vince 
  • sunnies: rayban
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    I am a Bad Mom

    “Do NOT jump off that couch Kaiden, you will hurt yourself.” I said to my growing dare devil 2, almost 3 year old son. I looked away for a split second to grab my laptop off the coffee table and I hear a heavy 30lb thump hitting the floor and landing on his arm. The tears start (his and mine), and this cry sounded different. This cry doesn’t sound like a “I hurt myself a little” cry, this cry sounds like an excruciating, I broke something cry. We scoop him up as fast as we could, rush out the door; he has no shoes on, no shorts and we are off to the ER. The nurses know us here. Kaiden, are you back, AGAIN?!?!? They doctor gives me a look, as if to say, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON AT HOME? Am I really a “Bad Mom?”

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    Summer Dress Must Haves!

    The summer is in full swing! With all of the humidity and high temperatures on the East Coast it is crucial to have closet staples that are comfy, chic and stylish! Enter PinkBlush! 

    PinkBlush provides soon to be moms with affordable, trendy and chic clothing that will take them through their nine months to motherhood and beyond! They have an amazing line that features everything from tops, jeans and cute dresses for women. Being 3 years post maternity we both live for comfy summer dresses that are perfect for running after our active toddlers and looking great while doing it! 

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