This is too, my black son.  


It’s been happening.

Social media, rightfully so, is in an uproar over the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, black men, gunned down in their communities by the hands of police officers. At the age of 15 I remember feeling the same grief and anguish when police gunned down and shot unarmed, 23- year old, Guinean immigrant, Amadou Diallo, 41 times (of which 19 struck and killed Diallo). All four fuck boys, I mean police officers were acquitted and were found NOT GUILTY of second-degree murder. Sean Bell, on the morning of his wedding day, 2006, shot and killed; another UNARMED black man. The officers were charged with second- degree assault, and second- degree reckless endangerment, all found NOT GUILTY. Michael Brown, 2014, 18 year old UNARMED, shot and killed, by white police officer Darren Wilson, NOT GUILTY. 2015, 25 year old Freddie Gray killed by the arms of police officers, most of the officers, thus far have been found NOT GUILTY. The list goes on, this shit’s been happening. These are just the prevalent names that stand out and names that I remember their stories and faces over the years. Should I put my son’s name on this list or will he be one of the few to escape this plague?

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Borrowed Virginity

Many want to know what I have to say. When I say it no one wants to hear.

No one wants to see.

No one wants to know.

No one wants to believe.

No one gives a shit or is it that no one gives a shit about me.

Me, who am I really? No different than you, or he or she. Just another human being with borrowed virginity. Inexperienced in the fullness of this life, the depth of a breath, and yet I speak praise and positivity of a beautiful dream rooted in the membrane of my mind, seemingly protected from the reality of my future demise.

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Real Sons of Anarchy: A Message to My Young Black Son

At 1 your possibilities are limitless
You have no concept of gravity, so you don’t fear the fall
The world before you is so huge and all you want to do is explore every corner
At 1 life beams from your eyes from the first time you open them in the morning to the last flicker of them when you fight to sleep at night
The world is good and though you are attached now to those you know, you learn to trust and love others

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Single Moms, I Didn’t Wish You Happy Father’s Day But You’re Amazing Anyway

Father's DayFor the past few years I’ve seen post after post of single mothers being told and telling each other, “Happy Father’s Day,” this year was no exception. At first I didn’t think much of it, especially before having kids of my own. It was more of an, “oh ok,” rather than something I gave much thought to. After becoming a mom, and in turn adding moms and specifically single moms, to my circles, I found the trend to be one that I just could not get behind.

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Puberty, Hair, Shaving – Oh My

Hey Babes!!

Summer is quickly approaching and my little lady wants me to start shaving her legs. ?? What age did you start shaving your legs, or allowing your daughters to shave theirs??

Any Suggestions or ideas please comment

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Dad in the Spotlight: Marcell Perez

13467591_10157000431990333_1020696761_oMarcell has  been serving in the US Army for 14 yrs. We have been married for 9 yrs. and is an absolute amazing father and step dad to our children. He sacrifices and does so much so that his family is well taken care of. He’s an amazing brother, friend and mentor and leaves a major impact in and out of uniform. He is currently deployed on his 4th deployment to Kuwait and we are praying for his safe return next yr. We love and miss him dearly.

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Dad in the Spotlight: Marcelis Baxter


By trade Marcelis is a top Staffing Guru & Resume Writer by hobby he is a  Promoter of Positive Things, when he is not traveling for work his he always is lovingly doting oh his two children Blake and Marcelis Jr.  Marcelis is an great father and always puts his children first.

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Dad in the Spotlight: Tavon Hawkins


Tavon Hawkins is a phenomenal husband and father. Born and raised by a single mom and loving grandparents in the heart of Baltimore MD, he always knew that he wanted a family whom he could provide for and protect. After HS, he joined the United States Airforce and began attending Coppin State University. Shortly after, he met his wife, they began building their life together, and they had a beautiful daughter together, Autumn.

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Dad is the Spotlight: Kevin Frick

13479799_10110971601554424_814287104_nRunner and amazing dad who recently ran 56 miles in under 10 hours in South Africa! I admire his drive and dedication to being a great runner and amazing husband and father.

13474126_10110971601459614_1475925934_n 13473749_10110971601494544_296121652_n

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