Two Brooklyn Babes offers a variety of services; prenatal and postnatal. We both know and understand the gripes women embark on during her pregnancy and after. We are here to ease your mind the best way possible. From helping you plan your baby shower and baby registry, selecting the safest and environmentally friendly baby products, to helping you announce to the public you are expecting; we are here for it all!

Baby Events + Announcements

Two Brooklyn Babes is pleased to help design your baby shower announcements, invitations, and thank you cards. We have graphic designers on our team who are very experienced and will work directly with the parent-to-be to create the print or online document aesthetically fitting their needs. 2BB will also be pleased to plan your baby shower by selecting a venue, DJ, food selection, games, and gift bags. We are affiliated with Pop&Prim Event Concierge Services, who will make your dream a reality.

Baby Architecture

Using the expertise of architects and designers on our team, we would be more than thrilled to design your baby nursery. ​Creating a safe haven for your baby matters the most for many parents. Two Brooklyn Babes will design the perfect nursery fitting your budget and direction. We will sketch out the floor plan for design, pick various color palettes, fabric selection, and wall decals for your amazing new nursery. We also specialize in using AutoCad and Sketch up to lay out your designs and generate 3D renderings to show you how your nursery can look prior to renovation. liliNash custom furniture company is an affiliate of the company and specializes in unique children’s furniture and will assist with the design of new nurseries.

Baby Necessities

Both founders of Two Brooklyn Babes know the struggle and heartache of creating a gift registry and shopping for items to place in your hospital bag. No worries! We will create your registry for you for multiple stores with necessary items you will need upon your babies arrival. We will also be happy to help you restock your shelves with additional items you may need after he/she is a couple months old.

As moms during our pregnancy we either procrastinate or we are so busy and dont have the time to buy necessities for our hospital bags, don’t worry. We can complete that all in one day and personally have it shipped or delivered to you. In addition, we will be pleased to help you find a doula, a friendly OBGYN in your area, and a pediatrician once the baby arrives.

Baby Memories

Two Brooklyn Babes is affiliated with various documentary photographers and videographers that will capture all of your memories. We specialize in pregnancy photoshoots, birth photography/ videography, family portraits post baby etc. So no worries in finding the right person to capture these moments, we’ve got it!

Baby Pampering

We offer prenatal and postnatal services. We will organize prenatal yoga classes in your area as well as any additional fitness classes mommy may need to prepare for child birth. In addition, we can organize pampering sessions such as manicures and pedicures, massages, and prenatal waxing. Once baby arrives we can arrange private mommy + me sessions to become familiar with baby and lactation specialist consultations if necessary.




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