I spend roughly $50 a month on diapers and wipes; that’s $600 a year and almost $2,000 in the 3 years my son has been alive. AINT NO BODY GOT TIME for this diaper shit… at all.


As I bought a pack of pull-ups last week, I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I told myself after this pack, NO MORE. I am a full time entrepreneur and extremely busy, but my pockets can longer sustain this “diaper life”. I remember at my baby shower someone bought a size 5 pamper and I said, “the hell my baby will not be still in pampers at this age….” Yup, I’m rolling my eyes too, it’s time. Not because society says its time, but because my wallet says its time. Plus I think, finally, my son is truly ready. Remember a couple months ago when I first introduced potty training and I told you guys about my experience. Yip, that time. Ya’ll remember the pic of real housewives, Kandi Burrus attempting (and joking I hope) to potty train her four month old son training-pngTHAT NEEDED TO BE ME. I should have started him on the potty a long time ago. We’ve had two weeks strong where he is actually going and telling me every time he has to go. We’ve only had one mishap where he had to go and we were at the supermarket and we could not use the restroom. Here are some tips I recommend to help these little critters train on the potty.

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